Stubton Village StMartin's Church


The Church of St.Martin, in 2008 and 1938 (use mouse to change view)





  The Church Grounds' Working Party
Keeping the churchyard tidy, during 2019

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  Many thanks also go to:
The 'Lower Stubton team' who keep the Village Hall front cut & the borders tidy
Janet & John; Paul Snook and Martin Davis


St.Martin's has had an interior refurbishment for December 2016





St.Martin's Church in 2010








  The Rev'd Sonia Barron after her 1st
Service of Holy Communion in St Martin's Church, on Sunday 16th November

Revd Sonia Barron

  Revd Sonia Barron


  Harvest Service at St.Martin's Church, Stubton 2014






The Church and Parish of St.Martin, Stubton

by The Rev E.R.Milton. M.A.      Rector  1938


A pamphlet written in 1938, detailing the history of the Church and  parish of St.Martin, Stubton, Lincolnshire.


Milton 1938 

Gratefully contributed by Allan Davis



a snippet from history..........

Blessed THOMAS PLUMTREE, Rector of Stubton (c1560) 

Blessed Thomas Plumtree - Martyr



BORN in the Diocese of Lincoln, a scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in 1546, he was made Rector of Stubton in his native county of Lincolnshire.

He resigned his benefice on the change of religion under Queen Elizabeth, and became a schoolmaster at Lincoln, but was obliged to resign the post on account of his faith.

However, it is as chief chaplain and priest of the 'Army of the Northern Rising' (1569) that he won the martyr's palm. 'His voice seems to have been like the Baptist's and to have stirred high and low alike'. His call to abandon heresy and to rally to the standard of the faith ran through the northern counties, and hundreds came in response to his summons.

He appears to have been celebrant of the Mass in Durham Cathedral immediately preceding F. Holmes' sermon, and the public Absolution which followed.

Upon his capture, after the failure of 'the Rising', he was singled out as a notable example of the priests who had officiated.

In the market-place at Durham he was offered his life, if he would embrace heresy, but he refused, and was hanged on the gibbet, drawn and quartered on 4th February 1570, and was buried in the market-place.





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