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Footpaths & Bridleways

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The Latest Maps Provided ( as pdf downloads ) from the Lincolnshire County Council

1. Main Access Map , 2. Walking Access Routes , and 3. Horse Riding Access Routes


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Messsage from the Parish Council, 22nd August 2017

Hi everyone Following a further meeting with Beeswax to discuss rights of way over the Stubton Estate, we can confirm the following:
1. You may have seen that the permissive path around the lake from Brandon Road now has a "Sorry, closed until February" notice on it because birds have been released prior to the start of the shooting season. Beeswax have agreed, however, that as it is some distance from the bird raising and feeding areas close to the pond, the length of path from Doddington Lane to the existing right of way that runs from the Church to Littlegates is to remain permanently open and appropriate signs will be erected to let everyone know. This path is shown on the attached photo (from point A to point B) and we feel makes for a good walking option linking back to the Church or alternatively to Littlegates and hence onto the numerous rights of way beyond. The full path through to Brandon Road will re-open on 1st February 2018 as previously agreed.
2. Beeswax are also investigating the use of some headlands (this is the broad wildflower area around some of the fields) particularly in the area of Littlegates and the permissive path in (1) above to allow horse riders a greater scope in that area. We have set ourselves a target of 1 February 2018 for this to be agreed and we have a new contact in this respect at Beeswax who we hope will be coming to Stubton for an 'on site' meeting in the near future.
3. We are still investigating with the new owner of Gorse Lodge, Mr Mark Crane, the anomaly of a 'missing' section of bridleway adjacent to Gorse Lodge Clay Pigeon Shooting wood. Our understanding is that this is in fact a continuous bridleway that runs all the way from Fenton and links with various other footpaths and bridleways but it has a short section missing from the official maps. We will update you once we have clarification of the situation.
There is a determination on both sides to once and for all "put to bed" footpaths and bridleways in the area of Stubton.


Restricted Footpath

Permissive Path from B to A will remain open, throughout, to allow you to link up with the ‘Rectory - Littlegates’ Footpath  

Permissive Lakeside Walk MAP( as pdf download ) from Beeswax (partially closed September-February

Lakeside Walk


Public Footpath

Permissive Path (Dry Dod Lane) entrance [B] on map above

Public Footpath

Bridge on the Rectory/Littlegates Footpath & Bridleway, point [A] on map above [Mac & Fin surveying the new route]

Public Footpath

Fishing Lake on the Permissive path, closed during the Bird Shooting Season, until 1st February












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