Footpaths & Bridleways

Footpaths & Bridleways

Public Footpath


The Latest Maps Provided ( as pdf downloads ) from the Lincolnshire County Council

1. Main Access Map , 2. Walking Access Routes , and 3. Horse Riding Access Routes


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Messsage from the Parish Council, April 2017

Hi All As many of you know, Stubton Parish Council have been working with Beeswax, owners of Stubton Estate, looking at the current use of footpaths and bridleways in the parish, many of which cross their land. Though we have a meeting scheduled for later this month to discuss all the rights of way on their land (footpaths, restricted byways, bridleways etc.) and tracks, Beeswax have generously agreed, prior to this meeting, to designate the track that runs between Doddington Lane and Brandon Road past the duck pond a ‘Permissive Path’ (see map attached). This is for walkers only and can be used between 2nd February and 31st July each year to ensure the shoot that operates on the Estate is not compromised. This is a track that many of us have walked in the past but was closed by the previous land owners some years ago so we are grateful to have this walk reinstated by Beeswax. It is particularly useful in that it links up with the Restricted Byway that runs from the Church to Littlegates so it gives us quite a range of options that reduce the distance we have to cover on the roads. Access to the track has already been made and signage will be put up shortly but Beeswax are happy for people to start walking the track immediately. It goes without saying but please use this track sensibly; it is a privilege, not a right. There are ducks and geese nesting close to the pond and if you see farm machinery operating close to the track please be especially vigilant or perhaps delay your walk; you are unlikely to come of well in a contretemps with a combine harvester! Finally, enjoy the walk and please do let people who may be interested but are not on this email list know of the situation. We will keep you informed of further developments as they happen. Best wishes Stubton Parish Council


Lakeside Walk MAP( as pdf download ) from Beeswax

Lakeside Walk


Public Footpath

Public Footpath

Public Footpath












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