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Burns Night Supper 23rd January 2016

 There was a gathering of the Stubton and district clans for the annual Burns Night supper at the village hall

on Saturday 23rd January, with a great evening had by all who attended.

The proceeds, totalling £292 from the event, are to be donated to the Church of St. Martin, Stubton.


 Response from the Lassies

 Response from the Lassies

Burns gathering


Toast to the Lassies

Toast to the Lassies



Cath and company


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Reverend Sonia Baron, Biography

Sonia Barron


  The Rev'd Sonia Barron after her 1st
Service of Holy Communion in St Martin's Church, on Sunday 16th November

Revd Sonia Barron

  Revd Sonia Barron

14th June 2014

Maniere des bohemiens

The 'improvised gypsy-jazz' group 'maniere des bohemiens' gave a rousing performance at the village hall on Saturday 14th June, enjoyed by a large crowd. Many thanks to Paul and everyone involved in the organising and in bar duty. 






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Under The Covers at Stubton's 

New Year's Eve Party

31st December 2012 

click photo to open gallery


Under The Covers

 photos supplied by Martin Davis & Martin Capsticks 

NewYear's Eve Party 2012

A Thankyou, from 'Under The Covers' band members Chantelle & Shane

Just want to say a big Thankyou for making us feel welcome and to all that
came! we and our friends/family really enjoyed ourselves, can't believe how
fast the night went! :) 

i have some links below to the videos we got on the night so if you want to view them on You Tube, that is fine :) there was some great dancers! :)  

All the best!  

Chantelle & Shane



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1940's Dance Night in aid of the

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Forties Night Flyer  


This Social Evening held at the Village Hall on Friday 11th November,  was enjoyed by all who attended. Below are some pictures of the memorable evening. The chap in uniform outside the Hall was dressed in similar uniform worn by servicemen actually stationed in Stubton during the Second world War. Some military vehicles set off from Stubton the following morning, to set up their stall in Newark's Market Square, where they were displayed to promote the Poppy Appeal, prior to Remembrance Sunday. Thanks to Paul and Julie Bratton and all who helped make it a success!

Officers MessMobilisationparaPaul and Julie photos by Gary Senior. 


Murder Mystery Night 2011

See the Cluedo Characters in the Photo Gallery link.



Stubton University Challenge 2011

...took place on Friday 25th November 2011, and a great time was had by all, with the winning team 'Scumbag College' taking the 2011 trophy.
The winning team

The winning team, Scumbag College :- Kate & Martin, Tom, Paul & Penny  

The contestants 2011

Stubton University contestants, with 'Lady Questionmaster' Lois   (photos- MartinC )  

The Stars & Stripes flying over Stubton to Celebrate 'Thanksgiving Day' on 24th November


photo by Claire Brainerd 



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Stubton's First Annual Cricket Tournament

Sunday 27th June 2010 at Stubton Hall.  

Fenton Road Team Captain's report.  

 Thoughts from the Pavilion  

 As I stand here gazing over the pristine wicket and tree lined grounds my thoughts return to the afternoon of the 27th when cricketing history was made in Stubton. The first to grace the field were the largely untested Brandon Road team, while scoring was slow on the whole, Brandon Road built up a credible score with Sally Key the top scorer with a staggering 5 wides for 11 balls. Outstanding catches by Callum and James ensured that Brandon Road were not in a position to pile on the runs, with top batsmen Mark and Brian not being able to contribute to the score, which at the end of the innings totalled 21 for 4 wickets.

Fenton Road then graced the field with Hugh and Gillie opening the batting and scoring a very credible 11 runs between them ( 4 wides). Hugh played a tactical game securing double runs on each successful stroke, thus ensuring he faced the bowler as often as was possible. Sadly Gillie was run out and so not able to build on her emerging confidence with the bat. Other high scores were achieved by Callum (4 runs and 5 wides) and Penny (2 runs and 1 wide) culminating in an outstanding total of 33 for 3. Claypole Road fielding an experienced team demonstrated a skill at the wicket rarely seen outside of Trent Bridge. with Tom and Andy ( a recent signing from Newark) piling on the runs and achieving 13 runs between them before retiring from the field unbeaten. The opportunity to capitalise on this score was sadly dashed when the Claypole road's star of the crease was caught by Rob Thorton, sadly Cherry returned to the pavilion for a duck. With Kyle stumped, Bayley clean bowled and Neil failing to rise to the occasion as captain (undoubtedly because of the pressures of leadership) Claypole Road found themselves scoring 25 for 5 wickets at the end of play and leaving a "window open" for Dry Doddington to snatch a place in the finals.

Dry Doddington Road fielding an enthusiastic but largely untested team did every thing possible to pile on the runs against an onslaught of precision bowling by Tom, Neil and Andy from Claypole Road. Despite a sterling effort on the part of Martin to run his wife out on the first ball, sense prevailed and the umpires brought some dignity back to the game through a sensible application of the rules, as a result Lois was able to stay at the crease and score a resounding 2 not out. Special mention must go to Karen who did everything possible to make sure her runner (Cath) was not over taxed on the field of play, this was achieved by snatching two wides from Neil's high velocity onslaught from the pavilion end. An excellent partnership between Maddie and Martin allowed a further 3 runs to be added, leaving Peter Stokes with the challenge of scoring 7 runs from one ball to snatch victory from defeat, it was not to be, a score of 17 for 3 just was not enough to beat that achieved by Claypole Road.

The play-offs were a delight to watch and once a new "wide" rule had been introduced, the time at the crease was limited for the older members of the teams. The young side fielded by Brandon Road really tested the ability of the bowlers to put the ball on the end of the bat, with inspired batting by Elliott and Georgina building an early total of five runs between them. An excellent innings by Mark "Hamstring" Proctor built on this score with a further 6 runs which had the fielders running in all directions as he sought the boundary on every occasion. However the consistent bowling by Martin gradually eroded the ability of the team to score runs and they finished with a credible 22 for only one wicket. Dry Doddington sensing victory had a good start with runs being added by Sam, Geoff and Rob all achieving more than one run each. However the return to form by Paul following a protracted lay off with a bad neck ( nearly two hours) meant that wickets tumbled with three intrepid batsmen falling to his precision bowling. Again Peter was called in to save the day but could not get willow and leather to connect and as result Dry Doddington scored 16 for 4.

The final .....what can I say? Once we had managed to get Sally off the pitch, leg injury at silly mid off in the previous game..... Claypole Road batted first with highly consistent performances from both Andy and David pushing up the score. An unfortunate fumble by Paul meant that Andy's time at the crease was not curtailed. Contributions from Kyle, Bayley and Alan helped move the score on and on the last ball, a single snatched by the captain, the team finished the innings on 24 for one wicket ( Kyle caught by Steve) leaving everything to play for as the light began fail. Fenton Road playing a very tactical game slowly chipped away at Claypole Road's credible score, however by the fourth over things were beginning to look somewhat worrying and it was evident that I,as the team captain, needed to pull something out of the bag despite some success on the part of Tom who at short notice had taken over from his brother. The partnership of Steve and James in the final two overs will probably live on for ever in the record book of Stubton cricketing history, Steve making an impressive 8 runs (not a wide amongst them) and James' four runs being snatched as singles from a formidable Andy. The final stroke by Steve piling on three runs and resulting in a score of 26 for 1 for only one wicket (Janet caught by Andy) and with 8 runs in hand. As the victorious team ran to the pavilion surrounded by a cheering crowd, I as captain took time out to reflect that perhaps it would have all been different if I had walked out to the crease rather than staying at the side of the pitch, leading the team to victory by tactics and shrewd team selection!

An excellent day was had by all, great fun, great team work and most important of all yet another example of what an amazing place Stubton is to live in.                                                                


Dry Dodd Road Team Captain's report.  

Thoughts from Doddington’s Captain:  

Doddington vs Claypole

Running out my wife on the opening ball of the match perhaps not the best start for Doddington Road (or my marriage). Fortunately for us, the Umpire called a wide, so relief all round. The team then got into its stride and the runs started to mount up. Some great innovative wheelchair batting from Karen, and a new cricketing term coined in ‘wheel before wicket’. A solid performance from the rest of the batting squad left Claypole Road with a dizzying 18 runs to beat. Which they did. Quite quickly.  

 Doddington vs Brandon

Refreshed after tea, and skillfully managing to win the toss, we put Brandon into bat first. Brandon opened with their ‘junior’ team, but despite Rob’s best efforts at ‘sledging’, their resolve held firm and the runs finished well over the twenties when batting had finished. In return, Doddington’s batsmen put up a mighty resistance, and were arguably moments away from victory, when Brandon’s star bowler, ‘Bomber’ Bratton, came out of retirement, and the rest, as they say, is history.                 

                                             Martin C.  

 Brandon Road Team Captain's report.  

Tales from the Brandon Road Team  

The Brandon Road team in true spirit of getting everyone involved fielded both the oldest and youngest team members of the tournament. The Captain was a little relaxed when planning and soon learned that bowling required a lot of skill that not many of us possessed. (Well done to Martin S for taking on the role of bowler in the first round). Had I read the rules properly (which I think I was involved in writing way back in May), I would have realised that it was important to know whether anyone could actually bowl or wanted to bowl; and that I needed 6 bowlers (who made that rule up – I must have dozed off at that bit?) However, that was not the only schoolgirl error which led to us losing the first game to eventual champions Fenton Lane. The fatal mistake was relying on Paul B (Captain’s husband no less) to be there on time to help us. He did get there eventually, deck chair and wine hamper in hand and promptly began to spectate (and drink). He had excused himself due to a neck injury earlier in the week, but luckily as the wine numbed the pain and his competitive nature got the better of him he was soon enjoying coaching the not so avid football fans, myself, Sally K and Row, in the art of bowling at tea / football break.

The cricket clearly was exciting, as most of the players were keen to get back, and therefore miss the end of the football… We went into the next round with a new strategy of putting the youngsters into bat first – Eliot, Lena and Georgie scared the opposition. Injured Mark limped on when Eliot retired and whacked a few balls just enough to keep Georgie and Lena running and sure to sleep well for a week. Unfortunately our secret weapon remained a secret as Kath missed an opportunity to bat – mainly due to the success of the youngsters and some very friendly fielding by the Doddington Lane team. Tom S was a great all rounder for the team and was the only player to have a go at anything and everything. As we went to field, Rowena did us proud with her newly found bowling skills, as did Paul B, with his well established drinking skills. He drank enough to numb his neck (or to avoid an uncomfortable night sleeping in his jeep if he didn’t manage to redeem himself for his lateness). It was only then we really appreciated the bravery of Martin S our reluctant first team bowler. Paul B and Rowena managed to limit the runs of the opposition and lead us to victory. Full advantage was taken when we lost a key fielder – Sally P not to be outdone by Mark’s earlier injury pulled a muscle in her leg and had to be wheeled off. Luckily one of the other team had a wheel chair and Jean’s rapid response and excellent first aid skills soon had a bag of vegetables strapped round the offending leg. (Hope it gets better soon Sal). Anne ‘far too nice’ Birkenhead forgot that her priorities were the team and also stopped fielding to assist Sally in the application of frozen veg. Luckily Sally’s husband knew where his priorities were and carried on, complete with pulled hamstring, for the team – nice one Mark! (To be fair he did think Sally was just having a rest…!)

It was a great afternoon thanks to everyone for taking part – even if it was just to come and laugh. Great planning Mr Snook and attention to detail as always and that only leaves the umpires who did a brilliant job keeping us all in our places, the scorers (I still don’t get it!), the caterers for keeping us fed and watered and of course Kent and Claire for the stunning location.  




Team's in action. Pictures courtesey of Stephen Brewell and Gary Senior. Click on image for action shots!







The Casino Killings 


Los Angeles, 1934.

 In the City of Angels, even the angels have dirty faces. To survive on these mean streets, a guy has to be tough, and a dame has to be tougher.   Lou Harger thought he was a tough guy, thought he could handle himself.   He was wrong, dead wrong, and now he’s just dead. Murdered. And the $20,000 that he won on the roulette-table is missing.   Legendary private eye Philip Marlowe has been investigating, and he’s summoned together the principal suspects in his enquiries. One, or more, of the guests at dinner is a killer. It’s your task to find out who the guilty party is before it’s too late.... 


The following characters took part:








Joe O’Reilly – (Allan) The official


 detective with LAPD working on


the case and friend to Philip Marlowe



RexRex Rogers – (Steve)


A seedy press photographer


working for the LA Times,


seen the night of the crime


photographing guests leaving

The Casino




Hector Canales – (Paul)


Part-American part-Mexican,


the casino owner operates in the


grey area between legitimate enterprise


and underworld illegality




PerditaPerdita Canales – (Penny)  


 Hector’s Mexican wife, rumoured


to be the brains behind her


husband’s operations













Jonathan Carter – (Martin C)


The Casino’s demure Maitre d’,


suspected of knowing more


than meets the eye










JessicaJessica James – (Sally P)






A would-be actress, working as


a hostess at The Casino


until she gets her big break






Pina – (Martin D)


The suave Hispanic croupier


working at The Casino












DoloresDolores – (Kate)


Pina’s troubled ex-lover,


also a croupier working


at The Casino














Ruby & Pearl – (Lois and Cherry)


The Casino’s racy waitresses,


known to work together to


scam The Casino’s clients














Art Billings & Danuta Nikovski – (John and Susan)


DanutaProfessional gamblers


who were known to


have lost heavily


at the roulette


table at which


Lou Harger made


his $20,000






DukeDuke Halloway – (Brian) A talented Jazz musician whose band was playing at The Casino the night of the murder



















Lilly du Roche – (Julie) A glitzy nightclub singer, performing with Duke Halloway’s band












Frank Dorr – (Hugh) A big cheese down at City Hall, his political career has been dogged by accusations of links to the criminal fraternity















RoxyRoxy Dahl – (Gilly) A famous Vaudeville showgirl currently dating Frank Dorr
















FannyFanny Tinnen – (Sally K) One of the top women golfers in California, she is fighting to prove the innocence of her brother, Manny Tinnen, currently facing a murder charge
















LuigiLuigi Gambino – (Neil) A notorious Mafia boss suspected to be running a protection racket at The Casino

















Maria Gambino – (Elaine) Luigi’s elegant wife fears her husband and hates the life of crime she has become trapped in






HelenHelen Harger – (Ann) Wife of the murdered man, Lou Harger, and formerly a nightclub singer
















JimmyJimmy McCord – (Rob) A tough nightclub bouncer hired by Harger to protect him on his fateful visit to The Casino

















VivienneVivienne Doyle – (Cath) Jimmy’s vivacious streetwise girlfriend, but behind the wry smiles, she’s tough and ruthless
















Miss GlennMiss Glenn – (Jacq) The mysterious blonde who accompanied Harger on his last night out at The Casino


























TallulahTallulah Morgan – (Jean) A retired actress, famous for playing some of the biggest roles of the era
















As the suspects arrived, Jazz was played and Champagne and Canapes were served by The Casino’s staff, Jonathan Carter, Ruby and Pearl. Once suitably refreshed, Detective Joe O’Reilly took control of the proceedings, and after a brief DVD introduction from Philip Marlowe, the guests began the formal introductions, starting with The Casino owners, Hector and Perdita Canales. 



When the introductions were over, Ruby and Pearl provided great entertainment with their racy renditions to Jazz music !!  


After the main course, the game was afoot! The suspects were narrowed down to eight. Evidence and exhibits were given, and heated exchanges between Miss Glenn, Jimmy McCord, Helen Harger, and Frank Dorr took place.   Further intrigue was added after testaments from Fanny Tinnen, Pina and Jessica James.   After dessert, the final pieces of the puzzle were revealed. Following further debate and heated exchanges, the time had come to decide....  Who was the murderer?   


Move to handcuffs

to find out 'whodunnit'! handcuffs



























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